Mobile Mission Training Center

A mobile mission training center is implemented as ELT leaders go to places where lay leaders have gathered for training in theology. This project establishes 12 study circles in which distance theological education will be taught through intensive courses. This also serves as a method of identifying new pastors who are then asked to continue pastoral studies at the seminary, CLET.

60800 – Revenue Dependent

Theological Library Pilot Program

Pastors of the ELT do not have many theological resources from which to draw. This projects sets up a regional library as a pilot program to test whether or not other theological libraries can be viably implemented within the ELT in a physical climate which makes it difficult to maintain books.

60801 – Revenue Dependent

National Church Organization

Money for this project will be used to allow the leaders of the church in Togo to gather several times a year locally as well as once a year for a National Assembly to be able to discuss strategies and policies that will help grow the church and strengthen the unity of the leaders.

60802 – Revenue Dependent

Seminary Student Support to CLET

Seminary students need to be supported for visits back to their sending church body for practical experience and meeting the spiritual needs of their emerging church body. In addition there are book supply and health care costs. Seminary support will be handled differently this year. Students who apply for and receive scholarships to the seminary have, in their scholarship packet, money that covers not only their seminary expenses but that also of the CLET. This alleviates a separate project for the CLET since all operating expenses are included in the seminarian’s scholarship.

Seminarians from Togo:

LARE Damdjoen

KOLANI Doiguibe

PIERI Kanyetibe

A16156-20701-385 – Structural

61014 – Revenue Dependent

PROJECT REPORT: Purchase of Bibles

Money was given to the ELT to purchase a good supply of French Bibles and those in local languages. These bibles will enable pastors and evangelists in the country to share the Gospel with the unreached. Money was given by donors through Mission Central for bibles in Africa and so some was allocated for this project in Togo. Bibles have been purchased and are ready to be shared! We praise God for people who have a heart for getting the Word out in Africa, and thank you all! The photo to the right shows Togolese leaders with the purchases they’ve made. Pray that God uses these bibles to help reach many in Togo!


Gifts to support projects can be made out to “LCMS World Mission” with the project name and number in the memo line and sent to:

LCMS World Mission
PO Box 790089
St. Louis, MO  63179-0089

Or, click here to give online. Please enter the name of the project that you would like to support as well as its number into the comment box. Again, this will assure that your gift is directed toward the project that you have chosen!


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