Sierra Leone

CCTS for Sierra Leone and Liberia (Seminary Training)

This project supports twelve students enrolled in pastoral studies at the Coordinating Center for Theological Studies (CCTS) which prepares pastors for service in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Funds are used for student transportation, meals, materials and books, and center security.

A16156-20701-399 – Structural

Scholarships for National Leaders

This project allows five church leaders from the ELCSL to study at universities in Sierra Leone to obtain bachelor degrees in Theology to build upon the confessional Lutheran foundation as formed at the pastoral formation school CCTS.

A16156-20701-478 – Structural

60701 – Revenue Dependent

Urban Land Purchases

The congregation in the capital city of Freetown does not have the capability to purchase land upon which to build a church. This project will purchase land for building a worship center as a fund-matching agreement, a visible presence to others where Christ is proclaimed.

60702 – Revenue Dependent

Chapel Roofs

As new churches are being planted, buildings have been constructed with grass roofs. These don’t last long and will eventually cause the building to crumble, so metal roofs need to be put into place. This project will provide roofing materials for 7 chapels in each of the 3 districts, a total of 21 chapel roofs. Funding will include zinc, boards, assorted nails, roofing nails and transport. Local people will provide the mud bricks, food, and labor. Note: This is a revenue dependent project and can only be done when funds are given.

61703 – Revenue Dependent

Evangelism Outreach

The church in Sierra Leone has recognized various factions pulling people away from the truths of Scripture. This project kicks up the evangelism effort by allowing teams to hold open air meetings in all districts of Sierra Leone, providing teaching and hand-outs to participants.

60704 – Revenue Dependent


Gifts to support projects can be made out to “LCMS World Mission” with the project name and number in the memo line and sent to:

LCMS World Mission
PO Box 790089
St. Louis, MO  63179-0089

Or, click here to give online.  Please enter the name of the project that you would like to support as well as its number into the comment box. Again, this will assure that your gift is directed toward the project that you have chosen!


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