Tarpaulins for Chapels

One of the most successful partnerships that has taken place between the Lutheran Mission and the Church of Guinea has been in building chapels. Church members are able to build the walls, put in windows and doors, etc. However, putting on a roof gets extremely costly. By providing zinc for roofs on chapels made of mud block, and tarpaulins (tarps) for bamboo and stick structures, we have been able to put a great many chapels in place. This revenue dependent project allows this to continue in the Forest Region of Guinea by providing tarps to 12 villages.

61313 – Revenue Dependent

Maninka Outreach

LCMS missionaries are engaged in relationship evangelism with the largely Muslim Maninka ethnic group. This project supports that work by providing supporting materials and travel costs for missionaries engaged in this outreach.

A16156-20701-391 – Structural

61305 – Revenue Dependent

Training and Worship Centers

Two training centers will be built, one in Gueckedou and one in Ouende Kenema. The money for this project will go toward the purchase of building and roofing materials (cement, steel rods, metal doors, windows, etc.), transport, and workmanship. Local members will contribute sand, bricks, labor (non-specialized) and food. Once completed these buildings will be used for worship services and training programs on a regular basis, as well as conferences periodically. Note: this is a revenue dependent project and can only be done when funds are given.

61306 – Revenue Dependent (earmarked “for Gueckedou and Ouende)

Training and Worship Centers II

This project is the same as the one above except it is for the Kissidougou and N’Zerekore areas of the Forest Region.

61306 – Revenue Dependent (earmarked “for Kissidougou and N’Zerekore”)

   Land in Conakry

Since its start, the church in Conakry has had trouble finding a suitable place for worship. Because most buildings are owned by dedicated Muslims, they don’t want Christian worship taking place in their building. Others complain of the “noise” that comes from the building on Sunday morning. Leaders have been looking for a place to buy for some time now and have found a piece of property they think will work. However the funding must come quickly. This project would purchase property with buildings already on it where the church would have: a residence, office space, worship center, and a large courtyard area for bigger gatherings.

61308 – Revenue Dependent


REPORT and UPDATE: With heavy funding from the Kansas District, this project was able to be funded as of October. The land was purchased and is being used! Praise God that this was able to be realized, and may God use it to reach many souls!

Seminary Student Support to CLET

Seminary students need to be supported for visits back to their sending church body for practical experience and meeting the spiritual needs of their emerging church body. In addition there are book supply and health care costs. Seminary support will be handled differently this year. Students who apply for and receive scholarships to the seminary have, in their scholarship packet, money that covers not only their seminary expenses but that also of the CLET. This alleviates a separate project for the CLET since all operating expenses are included in the seminarian’s scholarship.

Seminarians from Guinea:




A16156-20701-385 – Structural

61014 – Revenue Dependent


Gifts to support projects can be made out to “LCMS World Mission” with the project name and number in the memo line and sent to:

LCMS World Mission
PO Box 790089
St. Louis, MO  63179-0089

Or, click here to give online.  Please enter the name of the project that you would like to support and its number into the comment box. Again, this will assure that your gift is directed toward the project that you have chosen!


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