Chapel Construction

Two plots of land have been purchased and the EELB wishes to build a chapel on one within which they can worship. This project provides funds to partially build the chapel, the rest coming from local sources.

61008 – Revenue Dependent

Mobile Mission Training Center

Mission Training Centers serve to train lay leaders who carry the gospel into their neighborhoods and towns. This project allows the pastor and other leaders of the church to travel to the locations where the lay leaders gather and train them through a short but intensive teaching which fits in with local timetables for agriculture and schooling. It also allows for an administrative center to be built on the second plot of land as outlined above.

61009 – Revenue Dependent

Construction of National office/daycare

The church in Benin would like to see a national office, a parish, and day care built on two plots of land in Abomey Calavi near Cotonou, the capitol city of Benin. The congregation and the day care will use one plot of land and the national office will use the other plot. The national office will start in two very small rooms and one sitting soom. In the future it will be enlarged. Funds for this project will provide the supplies and transport. The local church will provide the labor.

61024 – Revenue Dependent


Gifts to support projects can be made out to “LCMS World Mission” with the project name and number in the memo line and sent to:

LCMS World Mission
PO Box 790089
St. Louis, MO  63179-0089

Or, click here to give online.  Please enter the name of the project that you would like to support and its number in the comment box. Again, this will assure that your gift is directed toward the project that you have chosen!


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