Malawi- Worship Structures

JPEG- MWI worship structure

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Project Updates:

MWI Chisemsphere church

On Christmas Eve, the Lutheran congregation in Chisemphere, Malawi were able to celebrate the birth of Christ is their newly completed church building, whose construction began less than a month before on November 28th, 2017. The Confessional Lutheran Church-Malawi Synod has each year been able to construct a new place of worship.  With 91 congregations, this young Lutheran church now has 12 church buildings for its growing church body.  Along with LCMS support, each congregation gather to provide most of the needed resources, materials, and people to construct a church. Thank you for your prayers and support to put into this community a place to share Christ.

Please see the attachment for additional photos from the construction phase.  Chisemsphere church build, Dec2017




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