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Mt Tabor seminary in Hawassa, Ethiopia trains pastors in a catchment area for about 2 million Lutherans.  A Bachelors in Theology in provided.  Currently the Ethiopian Evangelical Church – Mekane Yesus (EECMY) Lutheran church in Ethiopia has almost 14,000 congregations with only 2,800 pastors.         Select image to learn more.


District Administrative Mission Training Center Office – EECMY

Eleven congregation of the South Central Ethiopian Synod are served by a Mission Training Center and are in need of an associated District Office to organize new congregations as members of the current congregations reach out to others through MTC efforts. Funding partially covers construction, a computer and evangelism training for 300 church leaders during the year. The SCES (synod) itself is raising $10,000 locally toward this goal.

61703 – Revenue Dependent

Theological Education Scholarships (CES)

 As the CES continues to grow more and more churches are being planted so the demand for more trained pastors is great. However, the cost of training is high. This project will subsidize (or cover) certain amounts of that education. Members will be asked to contribute as well. Funding goes to cover tuition, food and transport as well as books and photocopying for nine students.

61710 – Revenue Dependent

Roofs for Worship Centers (CES)

With the fast growth of the church the Synod (CES) is finding that it is difficult for the smaller towns and villages to provide a good place of worship and meeting for themselves. This project will cover expenses needed to roof six (6) worship centers.

61712 – Revenue Dependent

Mobile Bible Training (CES)

The Central Ethiopia Synod plans to train 126 evangelists and lay ministers at three different centers, at each center 40 trainees. Three groups function at one time. Rather than students coming to a training centre the instructor travels to teach the students. (Students don’t all have to go to Addis, rather are closer to home)

The church can contribute medical care, administration, utilities, and a contingency fund. They are asking for help with food and training materials.

61716 – Revenue Dependent

Pastor’s Conference (Ethiopia Evangelical Lutheran Church)

The EELC would like to gather its leaders and pastors for a time of spiritual learning and refreshing. The conference is to be held at the Asella Theological Lutheran Seminary. The EELC is providing transportation and materials and is asking for help with food and lodging.

61715 – Revenue Dependent


Gifts to support projects can be made out to “LCMS World Mission” with the project name and number in the memo line and sent to:

LCMS World Mission
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Or, click here to give online. Please enter the name of the project that you would like to support and its number in the comment box. Again, this will assure that your gift is directed toward the project that you have chosen!


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