Annual Catechetical Club Competition (CHRIST’S CARE FOR CHILDREN:KENYA/PROJECT 24)

(Above: The girls from Project 24 Tumaini Children’s home perform their Bible drama)

This year the children of the Project 24 program came equipped and well prepared for their annual Catechetical Club competition at the new Lenkishon Project 24 site. Not only did they have new uniforms, new costumes for their drama presentations, but they were also carrying their copies of Luther’s Small Catechism and Ibada Takitifu (the Swahili hymnal) (both gifts that were given at the State of Project 24 Forum). The competition began with the children singing a hymn while processing into the venue. Once everyone was in, there were several introductions made and then matins was carried out by one of the local pastors. After worship, it was time for the children to shine. For the next day and a half each site had their groups present a variety of things such as: the Lord’s Supper, the Creed, their own song compositions, poems/ memory verses and lastly Bible dramas. All of them did an excellent job. Witnessing this competition, verified to every attendee that the children not only receive physical care but spiritual care. Their faith continues to grow as they are being educated and nurtured by the management staff. We praise and thank God for the partnership between the management, ELCK and the LCMS. Their efforts of reaching out to these children is evident.


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