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Our seminaries are a huge part of what we do in the way of projects! From north to south, east to west, men young and old are learning what it means to shepherd a church; wives are learning what it means to be a support not only to their husbands but to the women in their future congregations! Part of my job as Project Coordinator is receiving final reports when projects are finished. This past week I received a report from the seminary in Accra, Ghana. At the end were several testimonies from some of the students at the seminary there. They blessed me as I read, and I hope they bless you as well!…


My name is Evangelist Johnson Maclean. I am 32 years. I am a member of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Takoradi, Western Region. I have come to the Seminary with a heart to study Biblical languages and the Lutheran Confessions in-dept. I will be completing my course work by June 2012 and I look forward to that day.

My studies at the Seminary, has equipped me for Word and Sacrament Ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana and for my church to remain committed to the Lutheran Confessions. I am ever grateful to LCMS WM for supporting my Seminary education.



 I am Joseph Bentum. I come from Sofokrom near Takoradi in the Western Region. I am a member of Bethel Lutheran Church. Before enrolling at the Seminary, I was an Evangelist at Bethel, my home congregation. I took the opportunity to come to the Seminary in order to take advantage of the learning opportunities students of the ELCG Seminary have. The LCMS-WM is offering support to students to learn THEOLOGY – God’s Word, the Lutheran Confessions, Biblical languages (Greek and Hebrew), Preaching and others to form us to become good Pastors. We are thankful to the Faculty and LCMS-WM for such a wonderful support. My studies at the Seminary will come to an end by June 2012. I am particularly thankful to God and LCMS-WM for the support they have given to the Seminary to make our studies here a possibility.


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