2019 Project Catalog – Africa Region

Please Select here to visit the LCMS Africa Region-2019 Project Catalog Planting churches, equipping shepherds to sustain their flocks, and showing mercy for body and soul are key priorities for LCMS mission work in Africa.  In support of these are a number of project efforts to share Christ across this continent.  Many are small and... Continue Reading →



(by Pr Walter Carlos Winterle, missionary from Lutheran Church in Brazil serving with the LC-MS in southern Africa) Pastor Mateus Sifa, President of the Concordia Lutheran Church in Mozambique (ILCM), moved with his family to the city of Beira on September 21, 2016. They settled in a township called Manga. He is the first pastor... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of a New Season

   It is a new year and we are excited for the future of Project 24. As a result of our continued communication with people in the states, we are finding that there is a lot of interest and many people are wanting to come and visit our Project 24 sites. Stake holders, who were... Continue Reading →

LC-MS Projects in Africa

  In South Sudan, prior to June 2011, a small group of priests departed the Anglican church in that country to begin a small but growing Lutheran church body.  Recently during his visit to Nairobi, John had the chance to meet with Rev Nathaniel Bol, the leader of the South Sudan Evangelical Lutheran Church (SSELC). ... Continue Reading →

Training to Lead

  Our seminaries are a huge part of what we do in the way of projects! From north to south, east to west, men young and old are learning what it means to shepherd a church; wives are learning what it means to be a support not only to their husbands but to the women... Continue Reading →

Worship in Conakry

Our church in Conakry, Guinea has had a serious problem, unique to our other churches in the Forest Region. They have had no permanent place to worship since the church first formed back in 2006. It's been a prayer need and request for some time for them. Last year a team from the Kansas District... Continue Reading →

Where Did the Summer Go?

Any of you that have children are probably right now in the throes of shopping for school supplies, figuring out schedules, registrations, and maybe even some tears! Here in Africa we're going through some of those same things as our seminarians get ready to begin a new year! Many of them are leaving home and... Continue Reading →

Blessed through Roofs…

As the Project Coordinator for Africa, part of my responsibility is to receive and read over reports that come in as projects are completed. I love reading stories of how a certain project has blessed God's people and His church. Recently these two stories came to me from Kenya after they received money for two... Continue Reading →

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